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      Located in the water town of Suzhou, Jiangsu Suzhou No. 10 High School displays a strong historic flavor. On the campus there are several heritage sites such as Ruiyun Rock from the Song Dynasty and Zhizaofu (bureau in charge of silk weaving) from the Qing Dynasty. The main campus shows typical features of Suzhou gardens. One hundred years ago, Madame Wang Xie Changda established Tsung Hua Girls" School in Suzhou and it has developed to be the present No. 10 High School. Over the past 100 years Suzhou No. 10 Middle School has cultivated many outstanding figures in every filed of society, such as Cai Yuanpei (former principal of Beijing University), Zhang Taiyan (renowned educational expert in China), Fei Xiaotong (great sociologist), Tsung-Dao Lee
(Nobel Prize Laureate), etc.

Nourished by the long-standing local Wu-culture, the age-old school has been on a fast track of development. No.10 High School is now a school with high quality and national recognition. In the National Inspection Assessment in 2001, our school was listed among China"s National Model High Schools by the Ministry of Education. More than 80% of our students go on further study in universities, most of whom are admitted into top universities in China, such as Beijing University, Nanjing University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, etc.


While serving the local community, we aim high to earn our school international reputation. These years we have broadened exchanges with education organizations overseas. Delegations have been frequently sent to visit our sister schools and we also cooperate on the level of teacher exchanges. We have also introduced American High School Curriculum Experimental Programs to help contribute towards building a clear channel for Chinese students to pursue a world-class education overseas. Every year, scores of students are admitted into renowned overseas universities like Harvard University, Cambridge University, UCLA, UBC, National University of Singapore, etc.


Welcome to Jiangsu Suzhou No. 10 High School and experience a unique touch of culture.

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